Mrs Ogunlesi
Mrs Ogunlesi

No doubt, the serenity and glam of the exterior view of a house is the first thing that forms the basis of every tendencies of appeal any passerby will probably conceive at a glance, but no matter how suiting this feeling might be, the true satisfaction that follows the consequent expectation for the interior decor is never reached until it is checked out.

Speaking of interior decoration, setting the living room, dining area and kitchen, seem to be stroll in the park for home owners; as they switch to action; taking clues here and there but when it comes to the bedroom space, the failure to attach importance to how the warmth of a well set bedroom determines the physical and psychological efficiency owners, in turn make people disregard and conflict some of the basic rule of placement and use of bedroom accessories.

To correct this flaws, Dream Abode hosted one of the leading stakeholder in Nigeria’s interior decoration industry – Mrs Ogunlesi the CEO of Adam & Eve on Home and Style and she took her time to us through the basic steps on how to set a standard bedroom, making use of an empty bedroom space in her palatial store located in Maryland Lagos, Nigeria.

  • For the odds of small bedroom space which might be a defect to claustrophobic individuals, the CEO of Adam & Eve opened on how to mitigate the irregularities in bedroom spaces; explaining the use white paints and low beds to create psychological feel of space over the choking reality of small rooms.
  • Then, she picked on bedroom accessories on after the other and explained the importance and placements as seen in the gallery above
  • Wallpapers, preferably simple designs, maybe not big paintings, creates an appeal that makes the bed inviting at any time one step into the bedroom.
  • A Mirror is also important for you need to see always see yourself
  • The importance of an air condition in the room cannot be over emphasized, for ensure a good night sleep, it is important to keep body very warm by covering the duvet up to chest region or shoulder because the head must be cool.
  • It is not just okay to have a good mattress to set up a bed, a mattress protector is needed before thinking of the bed sheet because the mattress protector protects you from dust mites, which triggers waking up to sniffles as a result of dust passing through the mattress straight to the bed. Some many people are allergic to dust.
  • When it comes to bed sheet, some people want it abrasive or silky smooth to the body. All this can be archived you can achieve it all with cotton with grams spanning from 150 to 200, 400, 500(depending on what you want)
  • The bolster makes pillow stand up and look more beautiful to support sitting up in bed
  • For aesthetic in pillow settings, there is always an inter-play in the size of pillows. the very big square size pillows, 80 by 80, 60 by 60 comes first, then you can do the normal rectangle pillow the more the pillows the more inviting the bed gets. But if you not ready to read in bed, all you need is the regular rectangle pillow.
  • When buying a duvet you need to consider that the weather condition in Nigeria is tropic and it is rarely icy, so it is best to do a summer count duvet.

Before picking a bed side rug, it is important for you to kick off your shoes and let your leg touch the rug before you buy it because the feel is important when making your choice. To create the mood of rest, a bed side table and lamp , Side table and Bedroom side light. A Bed throw could be made out of any fabrics you like, it is used to cover the bed from dust between the time it was laid in the morning and when you return at night. With the aid of a bed tray, it is easy and comfortable to eat without spilling the food on your body or on the bed. Bed tray is not an ordinary tray, it comes in styles, and the short legs can be placed on the body in bed while the other requires a sitting posture next to the bed to use.


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