Developing properties can be a fulfilling and frustrating task, depending on the plan put in place before embarking on the building project either for residential, commercial and retail purpose. Much as every engineer or individual kick start building projects with a common goal to see the architectural models turn to a real building with basic and professional knowledge of developing properties, it is surprising to still see mega building project adding up to many of the half done or abandoned complete properties which could not meet its primary purpose .

In a bid to stop these property development flaws from gathering momentum, Dream Abode engaged Jeo Orji, the Development manager of Landmark properties; in an exclusive interview to share five tips to consider before developing a property.

Joe Orji
Joe Orji

According to Jeo Orji,

Off take

Off take, a real estate term used to describe the demand for shelter; is the first thing to consider before deciding to embark on a building project, in order to develop a property that will meet a need and yield profit at the same time.


Second tip is land, a major factor which its location and available infrastructure could either make or a mar a developing property. You need to consider the location and available infrastructure in alignment with the need of the off takers and the quality of property to develop.


To develop a property to meet a need or make profit, it is safe to be sure of access to cost effective money to facilitate a well calculated budget from acquisition of land, to foundation and finishing.

Construction Quality

Developing a property is as good as having the correct proportion and specification of building materials to use, in order to keep the risk of building collapse in control and serve off takers with a building that will be delivered on time and also last the test of time.


The structural and interior design is the eventual feature that will either attract the approval or disapproval of the off takers after a property is developed, it is important to make sure design is considered when making budget for development, purchasing land and construction process for either a residential, commercial or retail property.


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