Sasha Mutai
Sasha Mutai

Highlighting the importance of the stages involved in developing a property from scratch to finish on a priority list, the reality of the site execution of putting materials together in the building process in alignment with a model or building plan, distinguishes the construction stage of any building project as the most important of all.

For the records, incompetency at the construction stage of building projects which most time as to do with failure of the correct use or proportion building materials, as resulted in loads of life threatening dysfunctions like building collapse, fire outbreak and other mishaps also leading to loss of properties in Africa.

According to the quantity surveyor:

  • Location is the first thing to consider in alignment to the type of property to be developed (residential, commercial or retail)
  • Site condition of a land should be considered before embarking on to understand the topography of at hand, the type of foundation to do and house type the site condition can take.
  • Bearing in mind that the transportation of building materials to the site is constant during construction, factors like road network, and water is important to be on the checklist to work with time.
  • To prevent a mega project form ending up as an abandoned property or demolished as a result of conflict of ownership, it is important to confirm or clarify all legal aspect associated with Land title and other land ownership document
  • Above all, government approval should be gotten for purpose of construction, house type, compliant of location and others. this is important In order to and Government Approval on desired structure to be compliant to government policies

Taking a profitable break from the blame game on Engineers, Developers and House Owners who are usual suspect in any building dysfunction cases, Dream Abode took a safari to Nairobi Kenya to speak with one the top executive of the leading quantity surveying companies across east Africa, Sasha Mutai to run through tips to consider before embarking on construction project anywhere in Africa.


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