Do You Think It Is Possible To Own The House Of Your Dreams? Find Out What People Are Saying

Dream Home
Dream Home

Among the three basic necessity of life, the crave to own a shelter tends to be a need everyone seem to take their time to choose in different personal suiting imaginary pictures also known as dream unlike food and clothing which is mostly chosen on impulse. Hence, people choice of their Dream house change and improve with respect to innovations and trends in structure designs, location and building accessories.

To aggregate people’s thoughts on their choice of dream homes, Dream Abode visited, Broad Street, Victoria Island Lagos; one of the business districts in Nigeria and engaged Lagosians with few questions around their Dream homes.

Speaking of structural designs, ninety percent of the people interviewed shared different dreams of living in duplex or mansion as unique as on and underground: while the remaining ten percent choose to be less luxurious with their personal comfort with bungalows buildings.

On location, many prefer having their dream homes located on the aquatic splendor of Lagos Island while few others settled for Lagos mainland and other cities outside Lagos like Enugu and Port-Harcourt; with all sort of reasons to break off the hustle and bustle of Lagos.
Thereafter, the believe of associating the pleasure of owning a house as future plan came up in different shades, when we inquire what each and every one of them are doing to ensure they eventually live in their dream come true.

Many talked about saving towards their dream still with intention to see it manifest a different time in future.

But with advent of new house ownership options spanning from mortgage to credit facilities to buy and develop properties, do you feel it is right to see the dream of owning a dream house a future achievement?


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